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left to right :) WILL TRY TO UPDATE AT LEAST ONCE A WEEK //busybusy [australian time] -- She lives on the streets. He's a rising actor. Together, they're gonna live the life of the rich and famous. SHOUJO/FAIL COMEDY/BLURRY PLOT *sketch comic* -notalovestorysorry-


» hi guys!

lol it took me 5 minutes to find out how to write a news post |D even after a year im still a noob at this.


sorry for the lack of updates! i'll explain in more detail when i get the next page up, but basically school and no internet :c okay so i had no internet for a week but its hell when you follow heaps of people on tumblr OTL

i have a little surprise for you all (idk if you'll like it or not care but whatever) so when i finish checking my msgs on tumblr/dA/webcomics i'll start uploading again!

which might be next week, we'll see how we go.

BP xx

» finally got an SJ

im new, so please take care of me *w* -bows-

is that how it goes in animes? i expect a hoard of school teens to surround me now.


after months of hesitation, i finally made an account and have started my webcomic o3o okay, theres no pages yet. BUT THERE WILL BE.

BP <3

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